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DataFromSky in numbers

Have you ever wondered how much data passes through DataFromSky? Are you interested in how many objects have been tracked and what distances are involved? We gathered some statistics for you! Here are the numbers for last three months:

35 234 546

meters of trajectories

391 494

tracked objects


hours of video



2 251 090 500

detector hits

1 957 470

total length of tracked vehicles in meters


portion of equator traveled by tracked vehicles


kWh burned for computations

What about the software itself?

DataFromSky is written in C++ language and, of course, based on OpenCV library and Qt Toolkit for frontend. The backend detection and tracking algorithms are accelerated by CUDA technology. Here are the numbers:

> 4 000 000

vehicle picture samples

180 000

lines of code

5 500




All of these numbers are growing! We are processing new videos every day, teaching the system on more examples of vehicles. We continuously improve our models for position calculation as well.

PS: In the near future, you can expect significant improvement in stitching of videos from more drones.