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COVID-19 datasets

📓 The largest community traffic survey concluded. A big thank you to everyone who contributed! We managed to gather more than 180 drone videos from more than 70 contributors. Now is the time to process the data further and to label, categorize, and verify it. 📓

✳️ We have analyzed the data using our unique FLOW video processing capabilities for extracting trajectories and gave it back to the contributors. We hope that when the data is released it will support many great research projects in producing valuable insights not only about COVID 19’s impact on traffic.

✔️ What else can this data be used for?
• compare traffic intensity and linked CO2 emissions levels before, during, and after COVID 19
• traffic safety
• autonomous driving
• road capacity modeling
• behavior analysis
• your idea?

➡️ See the project page for more info:
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