TrafficEmbedded starter kit

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TrafficEmbedded Micro is the sixth traffic sense packed in a wireless anti-vandal outdoor cabinet. In this starter pack, the powerful unit is accompanied by two IP cameras for immediate use. A perfect choice for testing purposes or smaller-scale projects. >> See product website 


TrafficEmbbeded is a real-time video analysis unit which turns any IP camera into a smart multipurpose sensor just by plugging in a cable. Based on deep neural networks, Embedded represents a new generation of edge solutions enabling all the features of a distributed video-analytics environment. It is powered by the most advanced traffic analytic framework FLOW which makes it an ideal choice for any monitoring and control task in the field of intelligent transport systems, smart cities, security or retail. TrafficEmbedded kit is a perfect way to test the frameworks capabilities for the first time.

Embedded comes in the form of a small anti-vandal IP66-rated box designed for easy outdoor installation on light poles. It supports multiple connectivity options including LTE/5G and LORA/IoT. Furthermore, it could be equipped with an I/O expander, V2X module or local data storage. The unit can also be remotely configured and updated. In this starter kit, the unit is accompanied by two IP cameras for instant deployment. >> See unit’s full technical specification  >> See camera parameters

The kit is suitable for highway traffic monitoring, pedestrians & cyclists counting, queue detection (traffic, retail), parking management or enforcement applications.

1 hour of consultation and automatic updates included in the package.

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