DataFromSky is all about networking – we have academic partners, drone/UAV operators as partners, and business partners.

What people say about DataFromSky

We have been using DataFromSky since spring 2014. After the first few tests we realized what huge potential DataFromSky has for traffic analysis. This software brings totally new perspectives to the field of traffic engineering. Jiří Apeltauer; VUT FAST
Our goal is to have many micro uavs recording simultaneously, post process all records in a single file and use your software to obtain OD matrix. We are performing some tests and your software has helped us greatly. Great job! Andrea Marella; Trafficlab

Cooperation with Universities

Business Partners

How to Become a Partner

Finding the right tool or specialist for the task at hand, maintaining awareness of latest available technologies and their possibilities… In a dynamic and evolving field of study such as aerial traffic monitoring and analysis using UAVs, these problems abound.
All of these problems can be helped by networking and mutual promotion. Towards that end, we welcome partners. There are two kinds of partnership possible: Service Partner and Service Distributor.

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Recording Video for DataFromSky

This page details all possible aspects of recording video for DataFromSky. In case you think something is missing here, or have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us and ask!

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