TrafficSurvey – Video post-processing platform

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Intertraffic 2024
16 - 19 April 2024
Amsterdam / Netherlands
22 - 23 May 2024
Coventry / England
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Research project for traffic emission estimation in collaboration with Brno University of Technology

We are developing a system that will be capable of estimating traffic emissions more accurately and at scale in cooperation with Brno University of Technology.
It considers important factors like vehicle type and its movement including acceleration to provide very accurate emission estimates.
This system combines the video analytics capabilities of DataFromSky‘s FLOW framework with the science expertise of various departments of the university developing a robust emission estimation model. This solution was also nominated for the prestigious Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024 user experience award. Are you interested in piloting this system? Let us know!
Learn more about the project in this article.
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