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Open Covid-19 traffic dataset

We have finished the data gathering phase. 

Big thanks to everyone who contributed!

The data is currently being processed.

Thank you for your patience.

Supported by leading research institutes, open to everyone. Documenting changes in traffic behaviour due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Join the largest community traffic survey in our history.

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We want to document the influence of Covid-19 outbreak on traffic volumes, patterns, pedestrian spacing and other factors.
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We are collecting video footage of traffic nodes and public spaces prior, during and after the Coronavirus outbreak.
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Open data

The dataset is publicly available for everyone. You contribute the content, we contribute processing, hosting and the tools.

Support the open traffic
Covid-19 dataset initiative.

Just upload your video footage to our online service. When asked, agree to include your footage in the dataset. Simple as that. We will thank you by processing the whole video free of charge.
Do not have a suitable video? Help us by spreading the word. Thank you.

the change

Our transport behaviour has changed during the Covid-19 outbreak. But how much? In what aspects? Have the pedestrians started driving? What distances do they keep? Are these returning to normal after the crisis is over? What is the correlation to emissions decline? Noise pollution?

Many interesting questions. We have the tools to answer them. You have the data. Let’s work together and build a unique dataset for the future. Everyone can feel the change. We want to measure it.

Do you want to get involved? Any comments or ideas?

Leverage your
old datasets

Uncover the gems hidden in your archives. Give your old traffic recording a second life! Let’s turn it into valuable traffic insights for a better future.

We are looking for recordings of traffic nodes and public spaces:

  • prior to the Covid-19 outbreak
  • while the social distancing measures are in place
  • after life returns to normal

Would you like to be a COVID traffic surveyor?

Answer the
research questions

We have a broad network of research partners, so we discussed how to help during the Covid-19 outbreak. And we agreed that we will stick to what we do best – analysis of the movement data. Before, during and after the crisis. We are creating a unique dataset that will serve the academia and will be available for everyone interested.

We hope this dataset to be the same success as EPFL pNEUMA, the most comprehensive traffic dataset in the world, enabled by our trajectory extraction technology.

Interested in helping us to pre-process the gathered data? Want to use DataFromSky for research or teaching? Join our Academy programme!

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Let’s do this together. I want to contribute.