Traffic research

Monitoring and analysing traffic behavior at intersections is an important task in the present traffic research. Trajectory analysis provides higher-level situational awareness by understanding the behavior of every traffic element in the analysed scene due to the rich information contained in its own motion. DataFromSky is an innovative vision based system which is able to extract trajectories and their spatial-temporal statistical characteristics automatically with high accuracy and high sampling frequency. Accurate traffic data is essential in any modern research in the field of traffic analysis such as:

Motion pattern classification, Abnormal motion pattern detection,
Traffic mining, Prediction of non-recurrent short-term traffic patterns,
Developing next generation driving behavior models, Trajectory clustering,
New perspective on merging behavior – gap seeking instead of acceptance behavior,
Evaluation of traffic simulation methods / models on real data, Capacity estimations,
Traffic congestion studies, Travel-time, Vehicle counting, Trajectory based analysis,
Road safety, Pedestrian and cyclist safety, Road-user interactions, Smart analysis,
Driver decision making and complex multi-actor interactions, Traffic instabilities,
Empirical evidence of multi-anticipation (drivers have multiple leaders),
Study of behavior adaptation effect.
Traffic data - trajectories of scooter riders at an intersection in Vietnam

DataFromSky provides tools for visualization and analysis of vehicle trajectory data automatically extracted from an aerial video. It is built on an extensible software architecture, which allows researchers and us to cooperatively expand the range of capabilities to support more types of advanced analysis methods. Excellent contacts with universities and traffic researchers are extremely important to us. We will be glad to organize an online presentation to show you DataFromSky in action, and its possibilities in the field of traffic analysis.

DataFromSky trajectory extraction process

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