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GHD relies on DataFromSky in Australia

Our team at GHD was very impressed with the DataFromSky software platform, the way in which data was processed and the rich outputs that the software provided. There is a huge range of visual outputs that are fantastic to present to stakeholders. DataFromSky team was always very helpful in responding quickly to our queries and we were impressed with their professional approach

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On behalf of the Victorian Department of Transport (VicRoads), GHD undertook an investigation of gap acceptance at roundabouts and signalised intersections in Melbourne, Australia. For their analysis, they chose to utilize DFS Traffic Survey.

The two roundabouts assessed in this study were multi-lane roundabouts and the signalised intersection was a major hub with heavy traffic volumes.

Previous studies around gap acceptance relied upon manual observations of video data. However, GHD decided to use UAVs and DFS Artificial Intelligence software instead so they could get a robust dataset not prone to human error. It also allowed them to calculate accepted and rejected gaps at the investigated sites easily.

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With this toolset, GHD specialists were able to assess the behaviour and gap acceptance of vehicles at the intersection/roundabout with great accuracy. DFS TrafficSurvey also provided them with detailed information disaggregated into various vehicle types, data about circulating traffic volumes and follow-up headways. 

They further analyzed the data with both our software and advanced spreadsheet techniques. The finished traffic study was then handed on to VicRoads, which used it during the preparation of new Traffic Modelling Guidelines.

Project details

  • Use case: Traffic safety
  • Product: Traffic Survey
  • Vertical: Traffic Engineering
  • Location: Australia

About the customer

Established in 1928, employing more than 10,000 people worldwide, GHD is one of the world’s leading professional services companies operating in the global markets of energy and resources, environment, buildings, and transportation.
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New guidelines

The data extracted with DFS software helped VicRoads to prepare new Traffic Modelling Guidelines.

Pioneering UAVs

In this unique project, GHD engineers were the first to use UAV footage for a traffic study in Australia.

Deep insights

Thanks to DFS analytical tools, GHD was able to get rich data on traffic volume and gap acceptance.

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