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Safety analysis

Detect accidents before they happen

Our advanced collision prediction system helps you pinpoint problematic traffic situations and further analyze them.

Compute safety indicators such as time to collison and post-encroachment time to get deeper insight into near collisions, detect heavy braking and road crossing risks to reveal potentially dangerous traffic areas.
icon data driven solution

Complex &
data-driven solution

Our analyzer is based on the probabilistic theory, kinematic models and micro-simulations, ensuring highly reliable outcome
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Our georegistration feature allows you to get complete high-precision telemetry data (speed, acceleration) about each traffic object.
icon visualization

Understandable visualization

Each of the potential conflicts is visualized along with trajectories of the road users to fully understand the drivers’ behaviour.

Time to collision

A road can be a dangerous place. Detect insufficient distances between cars, scrutiny potential accidents in your footage and discover where and when the most risky situations tend to happen.

Improve driver safety by applying the knowledge during a traffic hub redesign.

Post-encroachment time

A driver reacting a few seconds late can be a cause of a serious accident. Monitor closely the time intervals between potential collisions and detect near misses.

Understanding is a key to prevention.

Heavy braking

At times, the only way to prevent a disaster is stomping on one’s brake pedal heavily. However, such a behaviour can endanger other road users. Detect these situations easily with TrafficSurvey’s advanced AI.

Road crossing risk

Visualize typical movement patterns of cyclists and pedestrians with trajectory maps and heatmaps. Discover areas of potential collisions with vehicles, assess their safety and adjust the traffic signs to improve it.

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Discover our solutions:

img VideoAnalysis


TrafficSurvey Light

A perfect solution for an analysis of static camera footage. Get rich dataset for your analysis: trajectories, object counts and categorization.

Visualize your data with heatmaps and export them for further use.
img TrafficEnterprise


TrafficSurvey Aerial

Right choice for videos captured by an UAV/drone (prefered type of footage for safety analysis).

Enjoy precise georegistration and image stabilization along with a full safety analysis toolset.
Get rich data fast with our AI-powered detection
Try our online analyzer for free.