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Making the Road Traffic Emissions Visible

Project period:  12/2023 – 12/2025

Project type: Grant

Code: CK04000264

Agency: TACR – Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

Program: 4. veřejná soutěž programu DOPRAVA 2020+ 

Keywords: emissions, traffic, CO2, NOx, video detection, computer vision, trajectories, measuring, modeling



The goal of the project is to develop, demonstrate and validate a system for indirect measuring of exhaust and non-exhaust emissions. The system would be able to do this in real-time by utilizing a combination of detailed traffic data, morphology of the terrain and advanced multi-emission models. With the use of computer vision and AI the categorized trajectories of the individual road users would be extracted from the video streams. This data describing the dynamics of the traffic flow will be the essential part of new microscopic models for estimating the production of CO2, NOx, and PM emissions. The result of the project would be an easily applicable and scalable solution that will make use of the existing camera infrastructure for immediate and continuous emission measuring.

This research development project is a collaboration of DataFromSky and the Brno University of Technology and it is supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.


The output of this project was the development and creation of TrafficDrone mobile processing platform for real-time monitoring of traffic.