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FLOW compatible VIVOTEK devices

FLOW applications can run on smart VIVOTEK devices with the Azena operating system. You can find the list of FLOW applications on the Azena store here. Below you can see a list of VIVOTEK devices and information on which have been tested by us. The tested devices will 100% run the FLOW applications.

Device model

  • AI box IE9111-O
  • AI box IE911-O (M12)
  • FD9392-EHTV-O camera

OS type

  • Azena
  • Azena
  • Azena

Tested by DataFromSky

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes

Latest FLOW Insights versions

FLOW Insights – Win installer: Download the latest FLOW installer 

FLOW Insights – Win portable: Download the latest portable FLOW

FLOW Insights – Linux packageDownload the latest portable FLOW – Lin

FLOW Insights – Win installerDownload FLOW installer to get the latest version.

FLOW Insights – Win portableDownload portable FLOW to get the latest version.

FLOW Insights – Linux packageDownload portable FLOW to get the latest version.

Updating your FLOW camera applications

We are regularly updating FLOW with new features and improvements so make sure you are keeping your device up to date! To update your FLOW application, log in to Azena device management web page, find the correct camera, click on the FLOW application and click update.