One traffic framework. Any video source. For all smart city tasks.

The smart traffic needs in the one solution – FLOW. The fastest and smartest way to get the traffic knowledge from any type of video stream that smart cities love.
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Visual solver for smart cities

  • for parking
  • for intersections
  • for public transport

For any type of video stream

  • drones
  • panoramic cameras
  • multitracking environments


  • local smart city data-centers
  • AI cameras
  • embedded devices

References – wiring the traffic with FLOW

01. WHAT

Visual solver
for smart city tasks

FLOW is a visual programming traffic language designed for smart city applications such as traffic monitoring, traffic control, parking management, safety and much more. Turns any camera into super smart city sensor with FLOW. One sensor, multiple usage.


02. HOW

traffic analytics

FLOW is created to be able to transform any video data to traffic knowledge in real-time. Drones, fixed cameras, panoramic cameras, records… all video sources could be easily processed by universal and interactive tool for traffic data mining.


Runs everywhere
on any platform, any device

Developed to run everywhere – inside the camera with AI processor, in the traffic embedded devices, on the web, on the local servers or desktop computers, in the cloud. FLOW is true universal multi platform solution with unlimited scalability created for all types of architectures.

04. WITH

Cooperative cameras
traffic in the context

Multi camera multi object tracking environments are naturally supported in FLOW. Efficient data association and comprehensive intuitive visualization are essential for monitoring, understanding and improving the urban mobility.

Solve your traffic tasks easily with FLOW.

Automate scenarios to make systems efficient. Let your city be smarter.