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The following brand assets – particularly versions of our logo – constitute our brand identity.

  1. Please do not modify them in any way when you use them for propagation, attribution or other purposes. Converting the vector version to bitmap is allowed, of course!
  2. You are not allowed to use our logo in any way suggesting endorsement without explicit permission from us.


Logo with text

DataFromSky logo
» PNG rendering (1369 x 172)

Logo without text

DataFromSky logo without text
» PNG rendering (251 x 170 px)


[table th=”0″] Logo primary:, 4b79c6, 4b79c6
Logo center:, 00adef, 00adef
Text:, 2a426d, 2a426d

Logo margins

When using the logo, please honour the minimal margins specified here: The cloud should have a margin of at least 1/5 its height, and the text should have a margin of its stroke width.
DataFromSky logo margin rules


We certainly don’t mind you linking to any of our pages! However, the structure of our web may change in the future. For more permanent links to us, it is best to target the DataFromSky home page at

For the Italian language version, there is currently no preference between and

RCE Systems

Logo in color

RCE Systems logo
» PNG rendering (733 x 267)


[table th=”0″] Blue:, 3c7dc8, 3c7dc8
Gray:, 46484b, 46484b


RCE Systems, s.r.o. has an international website in English language at, and Czech version at