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Reserved lane and other traffic violations detection with FLOW

Reserved lane violations can cause significant issues for public transportation delaying it, inconveniencing passengers, and causing frustration. However, FLOW traffic video analytics can help with this and can also detect many other types of traffic violations.

FLOW’s built-in license plate detection system can identify the vehicles responsible for violations, enabling targeted enforcement actions to be taken against repeat offenders to improve compliance and road safety. Other violations that FLOW can detect include: red light running, stop sign running, speeding, wrong-way driving, illegal lane change, lane direction violation, gap times and more…

Analyze streams from existing camera infrastructure on in-house servers for traffic violation enforcement to improve traffic safety and efficiency but you should know that FLOW can also do many other things! To learn more about how FLOW can help your city traffic-free, please visit our website or contact us at

Try FLOW with our demokit or get in touch to connect your camera stream to our server for free testing.
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Implementing smart parking for Koge Nord train station

650 parking spaces’ occupancy monitored with 25 cameras – that is our massive smart parking system deployed at the Køge Nord train station near Copenhagen. Gain instant parking occupancy information with FLOW video analytics that is also communicated to ParkingDetection CMS, LED panels on site or even our mobile application for easy navigation to free parking spots.
Learn more about this project and how DataFromSky can help solve your everyday parking problems.
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Illegal lane change and other traffic violations detection

Illegal lane changes and speeding are dangerous and can cause serious accidents. How can you help to prevent them? FLOW traffic video analytics can detect, register, and record these events and create statistics that can be used to make informed decisions about traffic enforcement.

FLOW is a comprehensive real-time video analytics system with in-built LP detection that can not only be used for detecting traffic violations but can also gather real-time traffic statistics, send data to traffic controllers for adaptive traffic control, monitor parking occupancy, and much more. Make your city smarter with FLOW today!

Get a hands-on experience with FLOW now. Connect your camera stream to our server for free testing or get the FLOW demokit.
Drop us an email at or send a message on the live chat on our web.
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Parking management and illegal parking detection with FLOW

Why is Illegal parking a problem? It can lead to traffic congestion and lost revenue for businesses but it is also a safety hazard in some cases.
Our cutting-edge computer vision technology, FLOW, provides real-time video analysis that can detect illegal parking and can provide other valuable insights about parking usage such as per-spot occupancy, time of stay, vehicle class, or license plates. With FLOW, cities can increase the revenue from parking enforcement, improve traffic flow, and enhance public safety. It can also provide valuable data for urban planning and transportation engineering.

Don’t let parking be a problem in your city any longer, get in touch with us and learn how the FLOW traffic video analytics can help make your city better!

Connect your RTSP stream to our server for free testing or get the FLOW demokit.

You can also get in touch now at or use the live chat on our web.
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Drone traffic video analysis of roundabout in Bogota

Getting traffic data quickly for a large-scale traffic analysis is easy when you have TrafficDrone at your disposal! TrafficDrone, is a rapid-deployment solution for gathering a variety of traffic data and statistics including gap times, section speeds, Origin-Destination counts, and more! More about TrafficDrone!
It utilizes our state-of-the-art video analytics FLOW which can run on many other devices including smart cameras, our TrafficXRoads – edge processing unit that can analyze up to 6 streams and is ideal for intersection statistics and input adaptive traffic control data or even server-side solutions capable of processing 100s of camera streams at once and can be easily integrated with the Milestone Systems VMS.
➡️ Learn more about FLOW or get a demo.
If you have any questions please contact us on our live web chat.
Video courtesy of Solutraffic Ingeniería.
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Detect blocking vehicles and other obstacles on road with FLOW

What to do with blocking vehicles and obstacles on the road? With FLOW AI traffic monitoring system deployed in your city, your traffic management center can be immediately notified and easily access real-time information about them if they occur. This information can then be used to update traffic management live.
With FLOW, cities can improve traffic flow, enhance safety and decrease the number of accidents caused by blocked vehicles and obstacles. Learn more about FLOW.
Test it right now! Use your camera’s RTSP stream and connect it to our server for free testing or get the FLOW demokit

Contact us now at or use the live chat on our web.
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DataFromSky TrafficSurvey – Analysis in snow covered Vilnius

Snow cannot stop you from analyzing traffic, even more so, when you can take this opportunity to gather safety data for these special conditions! With DataFromSky TrafficSurvey you can get a wide range of research-grade data. Not only count but also safety analysis data such as near miss detection, heavy braking detection, or gap times. Get your hands on the most advanced traffic analysis tool for as low as 2.9 EUR/h of analysis. Try now and analyze 3 hours for free!
📧 For any inquiries please contact us at or using our live chat.
Video courtesy of Eismo inžinerija.
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TrafficSurvey 2022 Summary

🙏 We would like to thank you for another great year for the TrafficSurvey traffic video analytics platform! More than 27 000 surveys were done in 2022 on the platform, helping to create safer and congestion-resistant infrastructure and also driving traffic research forward.
🔎🚗 Want to give it a go? Analyze the first 3 hours for free and then pay only 2.9 EUR/h with no extra costs. Upload your video now!
ℹ️ Want some help with your traffic research? We provide support to our clients to help you understand how to get the traffic data you need and we also have an extensive help section.

🗪 Get in touch on the live chat on our page or drop us an email at
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Customer satisfaction survey

Rate your experience using DataFromSky solutions!
We are always looking for ways to improve, and we would love to hear your feedback on our products and services. Please spare 3 – 5 minutes to answer our survey.

Thanks in advance for your time and feedback, we are looking forward to reading your answers.
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Adaptive traffic control – vulnerable road user protection use case

Want to help protect vulnerable road users in your city? Use FLOW to detect pedestrian or bicycle presence and send this information to adaptively adjust traffic light signals and warning signs. You can use FLOW on smart TrafficCamera or TrafficXRoads which is ideal for junction monitoring as it is capable of processing up to 6 camera streams live on the edge.
Learn more about FLOW, the Intertraffic award-nominated multipurpose traffic video analytics.
Why not try it now? Connect your camera stream to our server for free testing or get the FLOW demokit here.
Send us an email at or use the live chat on our web.
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