Create stunning video presentations!

Create stunning video presentations!

🎥 Create astonishing and self-explanatory videos from your traffic analysis! Perfect for live demonstrations, TrafficSurvey’s video exporting feature will impress your audience. 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦

🔝 Take your analyses to another level and deliver higher added value to your customers.

👉 Try it now for free at
👉 Consult your project for free:

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Join us on GTC2020!

🤖 The biggest AI conference by NVIDIA takes place next week! At DataFromSky, we are proud to be part of it to present our smart traffic monitoring solutions. Reserve the date in your calendar and join us on Wednesday 7th Oct,12:00 – 12:50 CEST. 📆

⚙️ Thanks to the use of NVIDIA AI tools we were able to utilize our unique trajectory-driven approach using one source code for all of our platforms. It enabled us to create a variety of video analysis solutions not only for traffic. But more about this in the presentation. 🔎

💡 What else will you learn about? 💡
• Basics of trajectory driven design
• Collaborative traffic cameras
• Issues of reidentification, visual similarity and precise localization
• Architecture of our video processing engine
• How we use the NVIDIA AI framework

🎟 Register your attendance here:

📩 Want to know the details? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to share them with you!

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Unlock full potential of PTZ cameras!

🕹️ In the latest release we unleashed the full potential of collaboration with PTZ cameras! 💪
Simply set up analytics for each of the camera’s preset position and you won’t lose a single frame of the analyzed stream.
🎥 Thanks to this feature, one camera can look at the parking spaces to provide the current occupancy, then move to the next position and check if there is blocking vehicle in the intersection and, finally, zoom in on the bus stop and count the number of waiting passengers.
1️⃣ ONE motorized camera with multiple views for thousands of smart traffic use-cases in ONE traffic framework. That is the power of FLOW!
➡️ Do you have a PTZ camera where you would like to set up the analytics? Get in touch:
➡️ Interested in FLOW? Try it now for free:
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Become a traffic safety expert!

🦺 Safety on our roads is an important part of every traffic plan. But how to analyze the most dangerous and risky spots?

In our next webinar on 6th of October at 2 PM CEST, we’ll uncover the power of safety analysis and we will have a special guest, a professional traffic planner
Line Degn Laden (COWI). Line will share with us her experience with conducting such analyses on Danish roads.

➡ Moreover, you will learn:
– what are the benefits of safety analysis
– what are the options for the detection of risky situations
– how to use safety indicators in detail (TTC, PET, …)
– visualization options and advanced conflict analysis

👉 Understand the weak spots and improve safety on our roads. Find out more and register here:

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webinar safety analysis v3
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pNEUMA datasets are now live!

🏙️ The full pNEUMA dataset is out now! We are proud to have contributed to this amazing project with our AI-based DataFromSky trajectory extraction analysis. The project was executed by EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) – Nikolas Geroliminis and Emmanouil (Manos) Barmpounakis in the city of City of Athens, Greece. 🏛️

And what is so special about this project? Definitely its scale!
• recorded more than 0.5 million trajectories ➰
• more than 100 intersections covered 🚦
• gathered from 10 drones 🚁
• recording for 2.5 hours each day ☀️
• 5 days of data gathering 📆

Free data and all the details about the project can be found here:

➡️ Do you have a similar or even more challenging project you would like to realize? Just get in touch and we’ll work on it together!
➡️ Or simply try it out, upload your video and get your analyzed data.

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#smarttraffic #trafficflow #trafficdetection

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COVID-19 datasets

📓 The largest community traffic survey concluded. A big thank you to everyone who contributed! We managed to gather more than 180 drone videos from more than 70 contributors. Now is the time to process the data further and to label, categorize, and verify it. 📓

✳️ We have analyzed the data using our unique FLOW video processing capabilities for extracting trajectories and gave it back to the contributors. We hope that when the data is released it will support many great research projects in producing valuable insights not only about COVID 19’s impact on traffic.

✔️ What else can this data be used for?
• compare traffic intensity and linked CO2 emissions levels before, during, and after COVID 19
• traffic safety
• autonomous driving
• road capacity modeling
• behavior analysis
• your idea?

➡️ See the project page for more info:
➡️ Can’t you wait until the open dataset is released? Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!
➡️ Would you like to analyze your traffic videos? It has never been easier!

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Get 100% accurate results!

😩💔 Tired of faulty data? With TrafficSurvey 100% results guarantee, you will deliver precise analysis which will meet even the highest client‘s requirements. 📈👨‍💼
➡️ Test TrafficSurvey for free! Upload a video sample now >>
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#drone #camera #videoanalytics #smartcity #trafficsolutions #trafficsurvey

Linkedin post v7
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DFS at URBIS Fair 2020

💪 Not even COVID can stop the FLOW of new technologies. That’s why we were proud to take part in  in Brno, Czechia – one of the few events that wasn’t cancelled due to the pandemic. 🏢

With smile (and mask) on his face, our colleague Jakub Pacher was happy to present our innovative traffic solutions on live video streams from Brno’s cameras! 🎥 (thanks to Brnenske komunikace a.s. for making it possible) Of course, all from a safe distance. 😅

You could see and try at your own how you can easily use existing city cameras for the detection of heavy traffic on highway or counting the bicycles in the city center with our real-time traffic framework FLOW. 🚙🚗

➡ Did you miss his presentation? Take a look at our solutions online:

➡ And if you need anything, feel free to get in touch

#traffic #trafficsafety #trafficmanagement #trafficanalysis #trafficmonitoring #datafromsky #drone #camera 
#videoanalytics #smartcity #trafficsolutions #fair #urbis #brno

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Get your analysis in 15 minutes!

Get your results in 15 minutes. 🕒 High-quality analysis doesn’t need to take forever.
➡ With DataFromSky, you can receive traffic data sample within ⭐️ 15 minutes ⭐️ from the upload time.
➡ 90 % videos are processed within 1 hour.

✅ Wanna analyze your own video? Try it for free at:!
✅ Or do you need the traffic data in real-time? Look at our traffic analytic solutions powered by FLOW:

DataFromSky TrafficSurvey is powered by NVIDIA HW.

#traffic #trafficsafety #trafficmanagement #trafficstudy #trafficanalysis #trafficmonitoring #datafromsky #drone 
#camera #videoanalytics #smartcity #trafficsolutions #trafficsurvey

15 min results
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Make a smart traffic camera under one minute

How to create a highway traffic camera with FLOW Do you think that improving highway safety is costly and hard? WRONG! Watch how easy and cost-effective it is to utilize a camera feed with FLOW to get advanced TRAFFIC INSIGHTS in real-time and use them to enhance driving safety.

And it does not stop there!

Using our visual traffic language FLOW is a walk in the park and it allows you to create a super smart multi sensor solution from ordinary video streams. For example FLOW can be used for parking, retail and safety too.

Do not believe it? Try it for yourself! Follow our step by step guide in this article How to create a highway traffic camera with FLOW

Did you know that FLOW runs on multiple HW platforms?

Some of them are:

* TrafficCamera – ALL-IN-ONE-CAMERA solution – look at our applications on the Security & Safety Things | a Bosch Company store

* TrafficEmbedded – the traffic brain for up to six camera streams power by NVIDIA Xavier

* TrafficEnterprise – centralized server-based solution for huge camera networks for the cities of tomorrow

Watch our 1st Webinar to learn more about FLOW here

#traffic #trafficsafety #trafficmanagement #trafficstudy #trafficanalysis #trafficmonitoring #datafromsky #drone #camera #videoanalytics #smartcity #trafficsolutions #trafficsurvey #smarthighway #sast #nvidia 

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