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AI + IoT = AIoT: What’s in it for next-generation video surveillance?

Responsive and interactive advertising can take up many forms and does not need to be just a domain of online shopping as Azena highlighted in their AIoT article that featured our FLOW retail application. Thanks to the innovations in video analytics technology it is quite affordable to do things like starting advertising videos when people pass through a defined “line” or enter a zone. Not enough? Then you can detect the color of their clothing or their age and gender and based on it highlight specific products or offers and help people navigate to the product’s locations. Suddenly you have an innovative way to improve your customer experience and boost your sales. What is more, it is something impressive people will talk about with others mentioning your store name in the process.
Apart from responsive advertising FLOW retail can provide you with valuable store hotspot heatmaps for better product placement, trigger alerts to send employees to cash registers, or give you valuable data like the current number of people in the store. You can get 30 trial of the FLOW retail application for smart cameras here.
Want to use your existing CCTV cameras? Get our on-premise servers of varying sizes instead.
Read the full article from Azena here.

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Roundabout safety monitoring in Denmark – Slagelse

With the wide spread of roundabouts as the favorite solution for many road intersections the need to understand how they are used increases. What trajectories do the objects passing through them take? How fast do they go? Are there any conflict hot spots and if so how can we identify them? These questions can be answered with the help of our TrafficSurvey, which COWI has done in many of their road safety analyses with us.
📄 Learn more about how COWI analyzed traffic in roundabouts and improved safety in this 5 minute read.
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Bicycle path monitoring – Active mobility preview – richer data and new categories

We understand the importance of working toward sustainability goals and their implications for mobility in cities. The initiatives for improving the availability of safe and smooth ways to move around cities on foot or by bicycle play a crucial role in achieving them. To be able to make good decisions in implementing them, the municipalities need comprehensive data to realize traffic solutions that take into account the complexity of modern city traffic. To help with this we will be introducing the FLOW active mobility. In the video, you can see a short preview.

FLOW active mobility is a group of upcoming improvements bringing more detailed categorization of and richer data on the traffic participants. In the video, you can see that FLOW is detecting not only pedestrians and cyclists but also scooters, and even prams and wheelchairs. Additionally, we are now able to determine age (child, adult. senior) and gender (male, female). With such detailed data, it is now easy to gain a deep understanding of active mobility to be able to better design public spaces, cyclist paths, and cities as a whole. Create breakdowns by category, direction, age or time and gather long terms statistics thanks to FLOW. These features will be available in the applications both on the Azena store and Axis Communications’s ACAP.

Learn more about our active mobility monitoring solutions:

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City For The Future 2022 CEE Smart City Expo in Budapest

We will be taking part City For The Future 2022 CEE Smart City Expo & B2B Forum on the 24th of May 2022 at HUNGEXPO – Budapest Congress and Exhibition Centre. There, we will present our newest solution – a smart traffic sign that starts blinking when detecting car and pedestrian collisions that are about to happen and it can even collect traffic statistics including statistics of conflict situations on the road. You will also be able to see our mobile, rugged, easy-to-deploy processing unit the TrafficDrone for real-time traffic monitoring and surveillance. You will meet Pavel Fojtik there that will be more than happy to discuss a range of our other FLOW-powered smart city solutions such as adaptive traffic control, general traffic monitoring and also active mobility and smart parking solutions.
Register to the event for free here
Want to read up before meeting us? Learn more here
The event is made possible thanks to Embassy of the Czech Republic in Budapest, CzechTrade office in Budapest and many others…
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Real-time traffic monitoring from any camera – FLOW traffic analysis framework – roundabout

The FLOW universal traffic analysis framework utilizes images from static cameras, PTZ cameras, and even drone cameras! Watch the video to see how easy it is to start receiving real-time Origin-Destination, average speed, passage time, and categorized counts data of the roundabout. Have you heard about the TrafficDrone, our mobile, rugged, easy-to-set up traffic surveillance and monitoring solution? Learn more about it here. Want to try the FLOW traffic analysis framework? Try designing your own traffic sensor with our free demo kit. Download now Would you like to consult your project or do you have a question? You can contact us at: or call +420 604 358 993 Video provided by – users of DataFromSky
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A Truly big Traffic Survey – 4 drones 1km – case study

Is it possible to get the complete car and even cyclist trajectories from a 1km long road? Yes, it is, with DataFromSky TrafficSurvey. Storytime! Leeuwarden, a city in the Netherlands, was struggling with traffic on a very important city road and needed to understand the traffic to create a large-scale Origin-Destination matrix. Roelofs was able to gather the necessary data with the use of our TrafficSurvey which was used to analyze videos merged from 4 simultaneously flying drones. The data was then used to simulate the traffic flow in several possible future infrastructure redesign scenarios using PTV Group‘s software PTV Vissim. This way the city was able to make an informed decision on what type of design would be best for smooth and safe traffic.
📄 Read the full story (5-minute read)
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FLOW 1.13 released – summary article – traffic lights state monitoring, UDP sinks, etc…

📢 New version of FLOW is here and with it many new useful functionalities and tools to help you make traffic smoother and safer. To bring you up to speed, we made a summary article that goes over all of the changes and explains how they work. Read more!
FLOW 1.13 brings:
🚦 Traffic lights state detection
🔔 Improved UDP sinks and a new object list sink
🌐 Multilanguage support
📤 License plate list import
🎥 Improved video analytics engine
🔗 SSL Certificates

📥 Want to try it right now? Download FLOW demokit!
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DataFromSky in Czech national news – TrafficDrone gap time monitoring

📺 We were featured on the main Czech national news by Česká televize with our TrafficDrone solution. It is used by the Central Bohemian police directorate for gap time monitoring on highways. In the video news panel, you can hear about safe distance enforcement on highways and the current laws, the technology used for this, and what might happen going forward in terms of legislation and enforcement.
▶️ You can watch the news section! (29:02)
(content in Czech language)
🚁 The TrafficDrone is a tethered drone solution that allows real-time processing of video for traffic data extraction. It is a rugged, mobile, and easy to set up solution for on-demand traffic monitoring and surveillance allowing the gathering of different traffic statistics including counts, speeds, gap times, range of traffic violations, and more…
Check out the product page or watch the TrafficDrone webinar here:
Do you have any questions? The product manager Petr Dvořák will be happy to answer your questions at You can also get in touch on our web chat or call +420 604 358 993
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Red light runner spotted! – Traffic lights state detection is out now

🎥🚦 Red light runner detected! Traffic lights state detection is now available thanks to the upgraded video analytics in FLOW 1.13. With it, you can directly get actionable data of the current state of traffic lights from your camera streams. Set up in a couple of clicks, for any number of traffic lights and use this information for red-light running detection or real-time applications like adaptive traffic to increase safety.
💡 To learn more head over to the guide.
📥 Download and test the free FLOW demo kit now.

What do you think about the new functionality? Let us know in the comments or drop us an email at!
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Improving safety around Danish schools – Success story

Protection of vulnerable road users and especially children is an important topic for many municipalities. In Denmark, COWI utilizes DataFromSky TrafficSurvey to understand the movement of pedestrians, cyclists, and cars around schools to provide solid evidence for redesigning the traffic signs, crossings, speed bumps, and taking other necessary measures to increase the safety. These analyses include monitoring of different access points or movement of cars in adjacent parking lots and surrounding roads.
📄 Want to learn more – read the full story.
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