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Is it possible to count all the people?

Counting a large number of people can be a challenge, not to mention detecting abnormalities like red-light crossings, and out-of-bounds crossings but also gathering direction-based counts. All of this is easily done with FLOW and you can set it up yourself in a couple of clicks. Become the designer of your own smart traffic sensor now! Get in touch to connect your camera stream to our server for free testing. 📧 Email us at, drop a message on the web chat, or call +420 604 358 993
Want to learn more about getting data on active mobility?
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FLOW 1.13 released – summary article – traffic lights state monitoring, UDP sinks, etc…

📢 New version of FLOW is here and with it many new useful functionalities and tools to help you make traffic smoother and safer. To bring you up to speed, we made a summary article that goes over all of the changes and explains how they work. Read more!
FLOW 1.13 brings:
🚦 Traffic lights state detection
🔔 Improved UDP sinks and a new object list sink
🌐 Multilanguage support
📤 License plate list import
🎥 Improved video analytics engine
🔗 SSL Certificates

📥 Want to try it right now? Download FLOW demokit!
📧 Do you need assistance or want to just ask some questions? Contact us at, talk with us on the web chat or call +420 604 358 993
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DataFromSky in Czech national news – TrafficDrone gap time monitoring

📺 We were featured on the main Czech national news by Česká televize with our TrafficDrone solution. It is used by the Central Bohemian police directorate for gap time monitoring on highways. In the video news panel, you can hear about safe distance enforcement on highways and the current laws, the technology used for this, and what might happen going forward in terms of legislation and enforcement.
▶️ You can watch the news section! (29:02)
(content in Czech language)
🚁 The TrafficDrone is a tethered drone solution that allows real-time processing of video for traffic data extraction. It is a rugged, mobile, and easy to set up solution for on-demand traffic monitoring and surveillance allowing the gathering of different traffic statistics including counts, speeds, gap times, range of traffic violations, and more…
Check out the product page or watch the TrafficDrone webinar here:
Do you have any questions? The product manager Petr Dvořák will be happy to answer your questions at You can also get in touch on our web chat or call +420 604 358 993
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Red light runner spotted! – Traffic lights state detection is out now

🎥🚦 Red light runner detected! Traffic lights state detection is now available thanks to the upgraded video analytics in FLOW 1.13. With it, you can directly get actionable data of the current state of traffic lights from your camera streams. Set up in a couple of clicks, for any number of traffic lights and use this information for red-light running detection or real-time applications like adaptive traffic to increase safety.
💡 To learn more head over to the guide.
📥 Download and test the free FLOW demo kit now.

What do you think about the new functionality? Let us know in the comments or drop us an email at!
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Improving safety around Danish schools – Success story

Protection of vulnerable road users and especially children is an important topic for many municipalities. In Denmark, COWI utilizes DataFromSky TrafficSurvey to understand the movement of pedestrians, cyclists, and cars around schools to provide solid evidence for redesigning the traffic signs, crossings, speed bumps, and taking other necessary measures to increase the safety. These analyses include monitoring of different access points or movement of cars in adjacent parking lots and surrounding roads.
📄 Want to learn more – read the full story.
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The most purchased application on Azena – FLOW Traffic

📢 The most purchased application on Azena! That is our FLOW Traffic application and what is more, another two of our applications, FLOW ALPR and FLOW Parking are in the top 20. FLOW Traffic is a very versatile application with which you can turn your smart cameras into all-in-one devices for traffic monitoring, data collection, and traffic control. On the application page, you can download a complete manual to help you get the most out of your smart traffic monitoring solution. 📢
🆓 Try the application now with the FREE 30-day TRIAL!
Azena has created a very informative whitepaper discussing the current issues in traffic and how video analytics can help to solve them. You can download the whitepaper here.
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DataFromSky Academy program in traffic engineering classes

Did you hear about our ACADEMY program for universities and research institutions? Already more than 30 of them from all over the world are involved! By joining the program you get access to free tools and support to help you with education and research. Get access to free traffic analysis of your videos and our existing datasets.
Learn to use the most powerful tool for offline traffic video analysis that has enabled research on various topics including road capacity models, car emissions estimates, driver behavior analysis, noise level modeling or ambulance response time analysis. Give your students access to our globally trusted platform used by many traffic engineers and consultancy firms.
In the video, you can see TrafficSurvey Viewer being used for teaching traffic engineering at a university in South America and examples of the data you can get using it. You can learn more about the ACADEMY program where you can also check out the research papers.
📧 For any inquiries please contact us at or using our live chat.
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DataFromSky was featured in FORBES NEXT magazine

The article about us by Forbes Česko in the prestigious Forbes NEXT magazine is now out! Read the story of a small naturally growing Czech company, which is now a globally recognized player thanks to its inventions in the field of traffic monitoring. A story like in the old days in the world of investment-based startups!

Thank you all for making it possible!

Online version of the article
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Intertraffic Amsterdam 2022 – DataFromSky summary – interviews and more!

It is now more than a week since Intertraffic Amsterdam, the world’s leading fair for traffic management systems, finally happened after it has been delayed by 2 years. We were thrilled to be able to meet our customers and partners and introduce our latest innovations of the award-nominated traffic framework FLOW. Thanks to all the new faces that showed up at our stand 05.401 to discuss how our smart video analytics could help them.
See the interviews and check our summary blog here!
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Webinar recording available: Smart intersection with FLOW – Intro to TrafficXRoads unit

In case you have missed it you can watch the webinar “Smart intersection with FLOW – Intro to TrafficXRoads unit” recording. In this webinar, we introduced a new FLOW edge video-analytics device TrafficXRoads – a real game-changer in the industry of collaborative sensing technologies for dynamic traffic control and collection of traffic data.
Along with the recording we have also prepared a summary and a QnA. You can find it all here.

In the webinar recording you can also learn:
* About the basic characteristics of the TrafficXRoads unit
* How to setup TrafficXRoads in real scenarios
* About insights and experience from real installations
Want to know more? Check out our brand new product page: and the case study
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