TrafficSurvey – Video post-processing platform

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A look back at DronItaly 2014

Here is a short look back to DronItaly 2014 Milan, where we showcased our software and the possibilities it opens for aerial traffic monitoring and analysis using drones. Thank you for coming – and if you didn’t come, you can still check out our presentation for the event titled Traffic monitoring by UAV, which describes our traffic analysis software. It is available as PDF without videos.


Empty DataFomSky booth with posters at DronItaly 2014 Andrea Marella, talking to a visitor DataFromSky presentation - intro DataFromSky presentation - setting up the software for aerial traffic analysis of roundabout

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DataFromSky at DronItaly 2014 in Milan!

Visit us at the 52 stand in DronItaly 2014 in Milan; you will see with your eyes all possibilities of DataFromSky. Please come and discover how it is easy and fast to obtain advanced analysis of traffic activity in aerial videos by DataFromSky tools. We are preparing a seminar presentation about the analysis of traffic at intersections using DataFromSky. We are looking forward to meet you!


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