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Reserved lane and other traffic violations detection with FLOW

Reserved lane violations can cause significant issues for public transportation delaying it, inconveniencing passengers, and causing frustration. However, FLOW traffic video analytics can help with this and can also detect many other types of traffic violations.

FLOW’s built-in license plate detection system can identify the vehicles responsible for violations, enabling targeted enforcement actions to be taken against repeat offenders to improve compliance and road safety. Other violations that FLOW can detect include: red light running, stop sign running, speeding, wrong-way driving, illegal lane change, lane direction violation, gap times and more…

Analyze streams from existing camera infrastructure on in-house servers for traffic violation enforcement to improve traffic safety and efficiency but you should know that FLOW can also do many other things! To learn more about how FLOW can help your city traffic-free, please visit our website or contact us at

Try FLOW with our demokit or get in touch to connect your camera stream to our server for free testing.
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Implementing smart parking for Koge Nord train station

650 parking spaces’ occupancy monitored with 25 cameras – that is our massive smart parking system deployed at the Køge Nord train station near Copenhagen. Gain instant parking occupancy information with FLOW video analytics that is also communicated to ParkingDetection CMS, LED panels on site or even our mobile application for easy navigation to free parking spots.
Learn more about this project and how DataFromSky can help solve your everyday parking problems.
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Drone traffic video analysis of roundabout in Bogota

Getting traffic data quickly for a large-scale traffic analysis is easy when you have TrafficDrone at your disposal! TrafficDrone, is a rapid-deployment solution for gathering a variety of traffic data and statistics including gap times, section speeds, Origin-Destination counts, and more! More about TrafficDrone!
It utilizes our state-of-the-art video analytics FLOW which can run on many other devices including smart cameras, our TrafficXRoads – edge processing unit that can analyze up to 6 streams and is ideal for intersection statistics and input adaptive traffic control data or even server-side solutions capable of processing 100s of camera streams at once and can be easily integrated with the Milestone Systems VMS.
➡️ Learn more about FLOW or get a demo.
If you have any questions please contact us on our live web chat.
Video courtesy of Solutraffic Ingeniería.
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AirSummit Portugal 2022

2 more days at Portugal Air Summit! Come and see live demonstrations of our real-time solution for traffic monitoring, the TrafficDrone with our partners Elistair and LEITEK INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. You can arrange a meeting at the event with the product manager Petr Dvorak. Get in touch on Linkedin, email:, or phone +420 604 171 101.
Learn more about TrafficDrone, a rapid-deployment solution for gathering a variety of traffic statistics including gap times, section speeds, Origin-Destination counts, and more… Learn more
Register for Portugal Air Summit for free here
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Looking for skilled Drone operators like JRN Visuals from the UK

🤝 It is great pleasure to have skilled drone operators such as JRN Visuals on board our Drone pilot partner program. Recoding quality video is the basis for any high-quality AI videoanalytics traffic survey and we are always looking to expand our reach with more, capable drone partners.
🦺 If you would like to help make roads safer and smarter by providing excellent footage from anywhere around the world for our client’s analyses, you can learn more about and apply to join our program here.
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Live Co Demonstration: Instant Traffic Analysis using a Tethered Drone

🔴 🚁 🎥🚗➡️ 📊 Live Co Demonstration: Instant Traffic Analysis using a Tethered Drone – Learn about innovative solutions grouping AI video analysis capabilities with drone technology.

Register for free to the demonstration hosted by Elistair here:

In this demonstration, Petr Dvorak and Karan Khurana will showcase how to get a variety of real-time, accurate information for clear and concise decision-making utilizing tethered drones and AI computer vision.

See how the mobile aerial traffic processing unit analyzing video from drone undertakes section speed measuring, basic vehicle counting as well as directional traffic flow measuring and more. Experience the latest innovation in mobile traffic intelligence.

Join us on Thursday, September 16th 10:00 or 16:00 CEST.

Free registration here:

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Mastering 4 drones into a traffic study – a real life project of city of Leeuwarden (webinar recording)

📺 A couple of weeks ago we hosted our third webinar together with our partner Tim Adema (Roelofs) explaining video analytics from 4 drones. 🚁

Thanks to that we were able to cover a large area for analysis and use the data as a feed for calibration of simulation model created in Vissim (PTV Group). 🏙🌆

It was a great experience showing our beloved solution #TrafficSurvey live. We even enjoyed it more thanks to the support of traffic engineering experts and their experience. 💪👷‍♂️

Do not worry you missed it anymore! A recording of it can be found on this link. 🎥

And if you would like to achieve similar results as Tim Adema, feel free to contact us ( 📧

or try the automated platform on your own – 🧠

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The partnership between DataFromSky and NVIDIA AI

🤝The partnership between DataFromSky and NVIDIA AI is a very special one. Thanks to the most powerful GPUs, the FLOW solutions can accurately detect the traffic data. 🎯

TrafficEmbedded as a local processing unit is powered by NVIDIA’s Jetson family. With that, it can bring the computational power right to the edge, where is the camera source. 🎥

TrafficEnterprise is, on the other hand, running on the most powerful NVIDIA Tesla T4, which gives exceptional results right on your central server. 💻

Give your cameras the sixth traffic sense, which is backed by one of the strongest player in the AI segment. Detect all traffic participants and create a sensor as you wish! 🚗🚐🚌🚚🚲

Try the power of FLOW on your own.

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Evaluation of traffic safety by GHD using DataFromSky

Excellent video presentation of DataFromSky capabilities for monitoring driving behaviours in outback Australia created by GHD. Using this technology they can collect data on dangerous behaviours including speeding, tailgating, risky overtaking and the exact time to collision to help their client implement appropriate road safety control mechanisms.

Take a look at basic safety metrics based on trajectory analysis and real kinematic models to detect risky situations such as near-collision, heavy braking, speeding, etc. 🦺

Would you like to learn more about the tools in DataFromSky for evaluating traffic safety? Contact us for more information! 🛫

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FLOW webinar #2 recording!

⏰ A bit late is better than never!

Recording of our webinar focused on edge AI traffic solutions (powered by FLOW) is here! Do not worry that you missed it anymore, watch it anytime on the link below. 🎬

You will hear more details about:

– what are edge video computing and its advantages and disadvantages

– what FLOW solutions do fit to the edge

– how is FLOW edge processing working with NVIDIA AI and Security & Safety Things

– where to use edge computing with a live demonstration

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