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📢 Revolution is finally here

We, at DataFromSky, were working hard in the last months on something that wasn’t here before. Something that will change the world of traffic data analysis. And now we are ready to share it with you!

FLOW – a fully interactive traffic framework designed for both real-time driven applications and comprehensive traffic surveys is here! The fastest and smartest way to get traffic knowledge from any type of video stream that smart cities love. 🚗 🚙 🚐 🚚 🚌 🚲 🛵

Find out more about FLOW at 💡

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Thank you for your support! 💙

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📢 Absolute precision in traffic data reached!

30 cm accuracy in position, 7.5 degrees in steering for any type of vehicle including bicycles and pedestrians – no special HW, only advanced video processing. Why? To push forward the traffic surveys and traffic research again.

The current world of traffic surveys is based on counts. There has been no dramatic progress since 1937 when the first traffic recorder was deployed. Five years ago, ⭐️DataFromSky⭐️ brought alive trajectory-based approach and opened the world of interactive traffic analysis. Today, we have taken this approach to the next level by ultimate precision in telemetry for:

➡️ detection accidents before they happen based on the kinematic model
➡️ development of the new generation of advanced driver assistance systems
➡️ calibration and validation of simulation models
➡️ development of autonomous vehicles
➡️ new era of traffic research

✔️ Would you like to taste the true traffic accuracy? Contact us at for a demo! 🚗 🚌 🚛 🚲

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📢 The masterpiece in traffic data extraction from drones – an open traffic dataset called pNEUMA is here!

100 busy intersections / 0.5 million of trajectories / covered more than 1.3 km^2 / gathered by 10 drones flying simultaneously. A first-of-its-kind experiment with open results was realized by professor Geroliminis and Emmanouil (Manos) Barmpounakis from EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne), who provided the video data and analyzed by DataFromSky AI (

A swarm of drones hovered over the central business district of Athens over multiple dates to record traffic streams in congested areas with more than 100 km-lanes of the network. From each video, trajectory data was extracted by the most advanced traffic intelligence DataFromSky and merged into the one traffic scenario with multimodal interactions. 🚗 🚌 🚛 🚲 🏍

Due to the extreme accuracy of telemetry data about each driver, the dataset is suitable for multimodal traffic research including simulation methods, behavior models, road safety analysis..

💡 Webpage of the project:

✔️An article about the project:

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⭐️ DataFromSky on the way to autonomous driving! ⭐️

Already since the end of last year, the Chair of Automobile Engineering from Technische Universität Dresden has been collecting traffic observation videos for selected places in Dresden in order to be able to study the real traffic situation better. The combination of DataFromSky advanced analysis of road user’s behavior with the electronic accident record card of the Saxony region can bring new knowledge into the reconstruction of traffic accidents. Such reconstructions can be used for test scenarios for the validation of automated driving functions! How cool is that? 🚗 🚌 🚛 🚲 🏍

💡 Read the whole article to find out more:

✔️ Are you interested in our solution? Try it on your own at

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📢 Accidents detection before they happen?

Extreme accuracy is the unique feature of traffic data automatically mined from DataFromSky videos. Thanks to this accuracy, we have, in cooperation with Brno University of Technology and its scientists, worked on a research project for evaluation of intersection in terms of safety in the last two years. One of the results of the project supported by Technology Agency of the Czech Republic is the methodology that has been certified by the Czech Ministry of Transport! 🚗 🚌 🚛 🚲 🏍 Want to learn more about conflict detection tools based on trajectory analysis (TTC, PoS, heavy breaking, …) and using DataFromSky for security audits? Contact us at ! ✔️ Watch out our video and see for yourself how amazing it is: or read this article: hashtagsafety hashtagtransport hashtagproject hashtagdata hashtagvideo hashtagdrones hashtagsmartcities hashtagtrafficsafety hashtagtrafficengineering hashtagtrafficmanagement hashtagtraffic hashtagai hashtaganalytics hashtagartificialintelligence hashtagsecurity hashtagcollision hashtagconflict hashtagaccident hashtaginteractions
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Warm up your traffic data with DataFromSky!

✔️ WARM UP YOUR TRAFFIC DATA by using HEATMAPS and GRIDMAPS! DataFromSky provides you many parameters displayed by heatmaps and gridmaps. Get them for current speed, acceleration/deceleration, occupancy times and even for conflict situations. Watch out the video below and see how simple it is! Go to ⭐️ ⭐️ and try to analyze your own video for free! 💡 Don’t know how to capture the perfect video? We also prepared a manual for this! Read this article for Aerial video and this for Light video If you don’t have an account yet. Register now at 👉 👈 and get three credits for start! Join DataFromSky and become a traffic expert! 🚗 🚌 🚛 hashtagsoftware hashtaganalytics hashtagdatavisualization hashtagdigitaltransformation hashtagai hashtagai hashtagdata hashtagdrones hashtagsmartcities hashtagsafetyanalysis hashtagtrafficmonitoring hashtagtrafficengineering hashtagtransportation hashtagtraffic hashtaggoto hashtagvideo hashtageasier hashtaganalyze
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📢 DataFromSky AI was used to define driving behavior models of connected autonomous vehicles!

DataFromSky highly contributed to the creation of a research paper conducted by 🎓 Loughborough University in London. The paper presents a solution of using infrastructure to aid connected autonomous vehicles to learn driving policies, specifically for complex junctions, which require local experience and knowledge to handle. The proposal is to learn safe driving policies through data-driven imitation learning of human-driven vehicles at a junction utilizing data captured from surveillance devices about vehicle movements at the junction. The framework is demonstrated by processing video datasets captured by UAVs from three intersections around Europe – the trajectory data is provided by the DataFromSky. An imitation learning algorithm based on a long short-term memory neural network is proposed to learn and predict safe trajectories of vehicles. 🚗🚌 🚐 🚛 🚲 🛵 ✔️ Read the full paper at We can make your survey ultimate! Contact us at or upload your video to and try it yourself for free! hashtagai hashtagartificialintelligence hashtagdata hashtagdeeplearning hashtagdrone hashtaganalysis hashtagsurveys hashtaguav hashtagsmartcities
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[:en]DataFromSky AI is finally launched![:][:it]DataFromSky AI è stato finalmente lanciato!?[:]

[:en]Our new DataFromSky AI is finally launched! Globally trusted cloud-based platform for fully automated traffic analysis from videos using AI and machine learning methods with 100% guarantee of results (optionally).It is capable of measuring a wide range of advanced traffic parameters thanks to the trajectory-based approach: analyzing current speed acceleration/decelerationm, classification up to 16 categories, safety analysis (measuring Time to Collision, Heavy Breaking or risky situations), configurable gate counting including O/D matrix, travel and occupancy times, headways, Gap time & Time to follow analysis, capacity, estimations, various export functions and statistics and many more features… Click this link, upload a video taken by drone or standard camera and analyze your extracted traffic data or try one of our outputs available here.[:]


[:en]To help you started we give you 3 credits to provide you up to three hours of video analysis. Follow us on LinkedIn and get 3 credits for LIKE and another               4 credits for SHARING this post. It means up to 7 hours of video analysis completely free of charges!

More about DataFromSky? – Read our article about Philosophy behind.

How to record the video by drone? – Find tips in our manual.

How to record the video by camera? – Find tips in our manual.[:]

[:it]Il nostro nuovo DataFromSky AI è stato finalmente lanciato! È una piattaforma basata su cloud globale affidabile per analisi del traffico completamente automatizzate da video che utilizzano metodi di intelligenza artificiale e machine learning con garanzia al 100% dei risultati (opzionale). È in grado di misurare una vasta gamma di parametri di traffico avanzati grazie all’approccio basato sulla traiettoria: analisi su accelerazione / decelerazione della velocità istantanea, classificazione fino a 16 categorie, analisi di sicurezza (misurazione del tempo di collisione, frenate improvvise o situazioni rischiose), conteggio mediante gate configurabili che includono la determinazione delle matrici O/D, tempi di viaggio e di occupazione, headways, intertempo e Time to follow, capacità, stime, varie funzioni di esportazione e statistiche e molte altre caratteristiche … Fai clic su questo link, carica un video ripreso da un drone o una telecamera standard e analizza i dati sul traffico estratti o prova uno dei nostri output disponibili qui.[:]


[:it]Per aiutarti ad iniziare ti offriamo 3 crediti per fornirti fino a tre ore di analisi video. Seguici su LinkedIn e ottieni 3 crediti per LIKE e altri 4 crediti per CONDIVIDERE questo post. Significa fino a 7 ore di analisi video completamente gratuite!

Maggiori informazioni su DataFromSky? – Leggi il nostro articolo sulla Filosofia retrostante.

Come registrare il video con il drone? – Trova suggerimenti nel nostro manuale.

Come registrare il video con la fotocamera? – Trova suggerimenti nel nostro manuale.[:]

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[:en]DataFromSky Viewer – new version with many amazing features![:][:it]DataFromSky Viewer – Una nuova versione con numerose caratteristiche sorprendenti![:]

[:en]We are happy to announce a release of a new version of DataFromSky Viewer and we have one breaking news for you: DFS Viewer LIGHT and DFS Viewer AERIAL were merged into ONE common software application DataFromSky Viewer. From now on, you do not have to install two different software, one for videos analyzed by LIGHT platform ( and the other one analyzed by Aerial platform. The aggregated Viewer SW will display the features according to the log you open in it – what does it mean? If you have video processed by DFS Light and open the tlgx file in Viewer, the SW will show you the features for the LIGHT Viewer, and on the other hand, if you have a drone video analyzed by DFS Aerial and open the tlgx file in this aggregated Viewer, the SW will automatically enable you all the advanced features available for Aerial analysis. Be smart and use one application for all results!

New features of DataFromSky Viewer:

* one common version for both services AERIAL & LIGHT (automatic SW configuration according to opened file)
* GRID maps
* new type of filter “Traffic Region” – measuring time of staying, number of vehicles within the defined zone (region)
* supported new speed units: kilometers per hour [km/h], miles per hour [mi/h] or feet per second
* significantly speed up video playback even for 4k video
* new option to export the visualization video in .mp4
* new option to specify export resolution (“Original”, “2160p”, “1080p” and “720p”)
* option to lock project tlgx file (only in registrated, licensed version)

You don’t have an account on DataFromSky Web Platform yet? Go to, create an Account for free and test the automatic video analysis on your own videos! You will receive some free Credits as a welcome gift. Download new version of DataFromSky Viewer directly at this link or go to the Task manager on your User Account. Tricks and tips on how to use the SW are “hidden” in our Help section.



Siamo lieti di annunciare il rilascio di una nuova versione di DataFromSky Viewer e abbiamo una notizia per te: DFS Viewer LIGHT e DFS Viewer AERIAL sono stati uniti in UNA comune applicazione software DataFromSky Viewer. Da ora in poi, non è necessario installare due diversi software, uno per i video analizzati dalla piattaforma LIGHT ( e l’altro analizzato dalla piattaforma aerea. Il visualizzatore aggregato SW visualizzerà le funzionalità in base al registro aperto al suo interno: cosa significa? Se hai video elaborato da DFS Light e apri il file tlgx in Viewer, il software SW ti mostrerà le funzionalità di LIGHT Viewer e, d’altra parte, se hai un video drone analizzato da DFS Aerial e apri il file tlgx in questo Viewer aggregato, il SW ti abiliterà automaticamente tutte le funzionalità avanzate disponibili per l’analisi aerea. Sii intelligente e usa un’applicazione per tutti i risultati!

Nuove funzionalità di DataFromSky Viewer:

* una versione comune per entrambi i servizi AERIAL & LIGHT (configurazione SW automatica in base al file aperto)

* Mappe GRID

* nuovo tipo di filtro “Regione del Traffico” – misurazione del tempo di permanenza, numero di veicoli all’interno della zona definita (regione)

* nuove unità di misura della velocità supportate: chilometri all’ora [km / h], miglia all’ora [mi / h] o piedi al secondo

* velocizza significativamente la riproduzione video anche per video 4K

* nuova opzione per esportare il video di visualizzazione in .mp4

* nuova opzione per specificare la risoluzione di esportazione (“Originale”, “2160p”, “1080p” e “720p”)

* opzione per bloccare il file tlgx del progetto (solo nella versione registrata e autorizzata)

Non hai ancora un account sulla piattaforma web DataFromSky? Vai su, crea un account gratuitamente e testa l’analisi automatica sui tuoi video! Riceverai alcuni crediti gratuiti come regalo di benvenuto. Scarica la nuova versione di DataFromSky Viewer direttamente a questo link o vai al Task manager sul tuo account utente. Trucchi e suggerimenti su come utilizzare il SW sono “nascosti” nella nostra sezione Guida.


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[:en]DFS and Parking Detection on URBIS Smart City Fair 2019[:][:it]DFS e Parking Detection in URBIS Smart City Fai 2019[:]

[:en]The whole team of RCE systems would like to thank all visitors of our stand on URBIS: Smart City Fair 2019, held in 5. and 6. 6. 2019 in Brno Fair Trade Centre.

We believe that solutions sparked the interest in technologies and services for cities of tomorrow. We are glad that we had a chance to introduce our solutions DataFromSky and Parking Detection to the public.

We have presented our newly released platform DataFromSky LIGHT, introducing the fully automated service of traffic from various ground video sources such as traffic surveillance cameras, action cameras, camcorders or even smartphone, and also DataFromSky AERIAL = advanced technology for traffic analysis of aerial videos recorded by a drone or balloons. Our public presentation about drones, AI and traffic monitoring impressed the visitors as well.

Parking Detection was represented by a small interactive model, on which every visitor had a chance to find out how the system works and its key benefits = accuracy, cost-efficiency and openness for integration into other SmartCity platforms.

Thanks to our partner OMS Lightning we had a chance to show, how can ParkingDetection be integrated and contribute to a complex city IoT platform such as CitySys.

Have a look at few pics from the event below.


[:it]L’intero team di RCE systems desidera ringraziare tuttii visitatori del nostro stand in URBIS: Smart City Fair 2019, che si terrà il 5 e il 6.6.2019 nel Brno Fair Trade Center. 

Riteniamo che le soluzioni proposte abbiano suscitato l’interesse per le tecnologie e i servizi per le città di domani. Siamo lieti di aver avuto la possibilità di presentare al pubblico le nostre soluzioni DataFromSky e Parking Detection.

Abbiamo presentato la nostra nuova piattaforma DataFromSky LIGHT, introducendo il servizio completamente automatizzato del traffico proveniente da varie fonti video terrestri come telecamere di sorveglianza del traffico, action cam, videocamere o persino smartphone, e anche DataFromSky AERIAL = tecnologia avanzata per l’analisi del traffico di video aerei registrati da un drone o aerostati. La nostra presentazione pubblica su droni, AI e monitoraggio del traffico ha colpito anche i visitatori. 

Parking Detection è stato presentato con un piccolo modello interattivo, sul quale ogni visitatore ha avuto la possibilità di scoprire come funziona il sistema e i suoi principali vantaggi = accuratezza, economicità e apertura all’integrazione in altre piattaforme SmartCity.

Grazie al nostro partner OMS Lightning abbiamo avuto la possibilità di mostrare come ParkingDetection può essere integrato e contribuire alla creazione di una complessa piattaforma IoT cittadina come CitySysDai un’occhiata ad alcune foto dell’evento qui sotto.


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