Data acquisition

For traffic analysis, DataFromSky needs an aerial video similar to those presented in the section “Latest Analyzed Videos” on our homepage and a geometrical description of the intersection in question. The region of interest should be visible at all times. The minimum pixel size of a detectable vehicle is 16×16 pixels. Providing us with the information about the camera and type of lens utilized when taking the video will ensure a higher accuracy of the output.

Getting together all this information and finding a licensed UAV operator capable of recording exactly to specification, while staying economical, is not exactly easy. Fortunately, there is an option: You can leave this task to DataFromSky, too. Simply specify the area to be analyzed, times and what kind of analysis you need. We will take care of the rest.


Give us a link to a map or a screenshot, as seen on the right, and tell us “O/D matrix for the crossroads, and average speed for the drivers going from Úzká to Husova”. We will check the place for visual obstacles, determine the best UAV placement, find and hire an UAV operator, and obtain the geoinformation needed for adjusting the video. The final say will be yours, of course – we will give you a quote for the whole process.

Do you wish DataFromSky to take care of data acquisition for you?

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