Custom Project Development

DataFromSky offers custom project development services in data processing and/or computer vision tasks. This service is useful for those customers who do not have enough human resources or time to start software engineering themselves or who need task-specific optimizations of DataFromSky platform.

Our professional team has much experience with computer vision technology and advanced data processing algorithms, therefore an application or modification could be implemented quickly with high quality. Our experience allows us to optimize the project’s price, because it mostly depends on development time without preliminary search of suitable solution. We could also offer competent assistance in creating project’s specifications and we could help with feasibility study.

Type of projects

Our team could develop any type of data processing or computer vision project. The common project types are listed below:

Customization of DataFromSky platform according to your needs (new functions, help with traffic research, etc.)
Application of DataFromSky platform to another type of object (development of new detectors, counting, motion tracking and analysis, etc.)
Custom-made development of your computer vision application (scanning, industrial inspection, measurement tools, etc. )
Custom-made development of robotic platforms (ROS, mobile robotics, localization & navigation systems)

Development platforms and technologies

DataFromSky team develops applications for Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. The technologies used for development are C/C++, Qt, OpenCV, ROS, CUDA, OpenCL, OpenMP, Boost, Eigen, Sql, and Perl. Our agile development process, along with our expertise in software engineering and great mathematics background, results in high quality solutions.

A proven record of success

Our developers have been responsible for commercial software products which have been deployed in critical applications such as control of fire-fighting vehicles, traffic monitoring, rescue systems, robotics. All of these solutions are based on the most advanced mathematics and algorithms know today.

Let us help you succeed

Please email us at to talk about creating software for your or your client’s needs.