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TrafficCamera is an IP camera with in-built processing unit, perfect for analyzing simpler scenes and small-size projects. Embrace the power of neural networks packed in a single plug & play camera solution. See product website >>

Starter kit contains: 1x TrafficCamera, 1x PoE injector, 1x quick start guide


TrafficCamera is an outdoor bullet camera with on-board video analytical engine FLOW. It is an all-in-one edge solution enabling every feature of a distributed video-analytics environment. Thanks to the local processing it is 100% GDPR compliant and has small bandwidth requirements.  It is a universal, easily deployable solution providing real-time insights. >> See full technical specifications <<

Perfect for traffic monitoring of simpler scenes, enforcement applications, overview on active mobility, smart public transport or retail applications.

1 hour of consultation and automatic updates included in the package.


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