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We welcome partners. There are two kinds
of partnership possible: Service Partner and Service Distributor.

Finding the right tool or specialist for the task at hand, maintaining awareness of latest available technologies and their possibilities… In a dynamic and evolving field of study such as aerial traffic monitoring and analysis using UAVs, these problems abound.
All of these problems can be helped by networking and mutual promotion. Towards that end, we welcome partners. There are two kinds of partnership possible: Service Partner and Service Distributor.

Join us!

Becoming a DataFromSky partner establishes a strategic relationship with your company and DataFromSky. Around the world our partners work with us closely to give customers the best experience possible in using DataFromSky platform. In short – our partners define who we are.

Service Distributor

Finding the right technology, perhaps even knowing it exists, is not easy. This is where Service Distributors can help us, for a mutual benefit.

As a Service Distributor, your task is to promote DataFromSky services to relevant prospective customers. They can even be your own customers in need of our services! If you are an UAV operator, supplementing data processing services can improve your standing. Another use case is certainly a benefit to you! Potential distribution fees are subject to an individual and private agreement between DataFromSky and you.

Become DataFromSky-service distributor, now! Contact us here.

You get:

Another complementary service to offer
More visibility and networking

We ask for:

Promotion of DataFromSky

Service Partner

Finding a skilled and licensed UAV operator is not always easy. Differing legislatives between various countries – even within the European Union – do not help. However, more often than not, our clients have exactly that need, preferably without the need to research the market themselves.

If you are an UAV operator licensed for commercial contract work, we would be happy for you to become our Service Partner. When our customers ask for help with data collection, we will refer them to a Service Partner from the respective region.

Your task is simple – mostly doing exactly what you do now: Flying skillfully and safely your UAV to where the client wants it, with a camera. We will provide all the necessary training and help specific to DataFromSky. This includes calibrating your equipment.

Become DataFromSky-service partner, now! Contact us here.

You get:

Customers from us
More visibility and networking
DataFromSky specific training

We ask for:

UAV Operator license or other clear legal status
For both Service Partners and Service Distributors, we will provide a publicly visible information about your partnership with DataFromSky as well as a link to your website. We ask you to do the same.

Research partner

Excellent contacts with universities and traffic researchers are extremely important to us. Are you a traffic researcher? Take a look at our options for traffic research. Do not hesitate to contact us and talk about your research and what could DataFromSky improve for you.

You get:

Data sharing
Implementation of custom functions

We ask for:

Data sharing
Listing as authors / thanks / recognition (depending on situation)