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Need to extract number plates for your traffic study?

❓ Need a larger traffic study? The video license-plate based approach is a well-known option for such cases. 🌎 But what about privacy? ⭐️ DataFromSky ⭐️ comes with a new optional feature that reads the license plates in a way that makes it impossible to get any personal data. How does it work?

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DataFromSky AI cares about security and privacy so it uses a hash function to convert the detected number plate to another identifier that is not reversible but unique to the vehicle (as the plain license plate is). The extracted data will still contain information about the behavior of the object, but will no longer include sensitive information. ✔️

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DataFromSky can extract traffic data from panoramic cameras!

All in one platform – analyzing traffic was never easier: videos from drones, traffic and surveillance cameras, 360°panoramic cameras or even Miovision devices? Only with DataFromSky AI!
Super-accurate data suitable for the most detailed traffic analysis, data accuracy hitting the range from 98 – 100% with rapid delivery thanks to fully automated processing, measuring a wide range of advanced traffic parameters thanks to the trajectory-based approach – these and much more benefits are offered by our online web platform for automatic processing of traffic videos. Moreover, you have access to the license-free desktop application, where you can further analyze every millisecond of your video – visualize, define, analyze, export, become a traffic expert thanks to our professional tool.
Don’t believe it? Feel free to test it!
Click here to download our desktop application DataFromSky Viewer
✅ Download the sample package with 360°video clip and processed data file (tlgx file) – from now on, the whole intersection can be analyzed by a single camera!
Try DataFromSky AI today!
1. Go to our online platform and test it for free
2. Sign in today and get 3 Credits as a welcome gift on your User Account
3. Upload any video from drones or standard cameras and let the AI do the job
4. Download the results and do the magic with traffic data in our Viewer application
Do you have any questions? Would you like to have a training session on how to use DataFromSky Viewer application? Do you have some special request or want to discuss your project? Let us know about that – contact us!
DataFromSky is a complex system for fully automated extraction of accurate traffic data using AI and machine learning methods. It has been developed and used for the purpose of traffic studies since 2013. DataFromSky AERIAL is a state-of-the-art and fully automated service for video analysis from the bird’s eye view (drones, balloons) for acquiring of super-accurate data not only for traffic research. DataFromSky LIGHT is a service for data analysis from low-altitude cameras for standard traffic research, fully automated as well. Try and see all the traffic magic FOR FREE!
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DataFromSky AI è stato finalmente lanciato!?

Il nostro nuovo DataFromSky AI è stato finalmente lanciato! È una piattaforma basata su cloud globale affidabile per analisi del traffico completamente automatizzate da video che utilizzano metodi di intelligenza artificiale e machine learning con garanzia al 100% dei risultati (opzionale). È in grado di misurare una vasta gamma di parametri di traffico avanzati grazie all’approccio basato sulla traiettoria: analisi su accelerazione / decelerazione della velocità istantanea, classificazione fino a 16 categorie, analisi di sicurezza (misurazione del tempo di collisione, frenate improvvise o situazioni rischiose), conteggio mediante gate configurabili che includono la determinazione delle matrici O/D, tempi di viaggio e di occupazione, headways, intertempo e Time to follow, capacità, stime, varie funzioni di esportazione e statistiche e molte altre caratteristiche … Fai clic su questo link, carica un video ripreso da un drone o una telecamera standard e analizza i dati sul traffico estratti o prova uno dei nostri output disponibili qui.

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Maggiori informazioni su DataFromSky? – Leggi il nostro articolo sulla Filosofia retrostante.

Come registrare il video con il drone? – Trova suggerimenti nel nostro manuale.

Come registrare il video con la fotocamera? – Trova suggerimenti nel nostro manuale.

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