Warm up your traffic data with DataFromSky!

✔️ WARM UP YOUR TRAFFIC DATA by using HEATMAPS and GRIDMAPS! DataFromSky provides you many parameters displayed by heatmaps and gridmaps. Get them for current speed, acceleration/deceleration, occupancy times and even for conflict situations. Watch out the video below and see how simple it is! Go to ⭐️ ⭐️ and try to analyze your own video for free! 💡 Don’t know how to capture the perfect video? We also prepared a manual for this! Read this article for Aerial video and this for Light video If you don’t have an account yet. Register now at 👉 👈 and get three credits for start! Join DataFromSky and become a traffic expert! 🚗 🚌 🚛 hashtagsoftware hashtaganalytics hashtagdatavisualization hashtagdigitaltransformation hashtagai hashtagai hashtagdata hashtagdrones hashtagsmartcities hashtagsafetyanalysis hashtagtrafficmonitoring hashtagtrafficengineering hashtagtransportation hashtagtraffic hashtaggoto hashtagvideo hashtageasier hashtaganalyze
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📢 DataFromSky AI was used to define driving behavior models of connected autonomous vehicles!

DataFromSky highly contributed to the creation of a research paper conducted by 🎓 Loughborough University in London. The paper presents a solution of using infrastructure to aid connected autonomous vehicles to learn driving policies, specifically for complex junctions, which require local experience and knowledge to handle. The proposal is to learn safe driving policies through data-driven imitation learning of human-driven vehicles at a junction utilizing data captured from surveillance devices about vehicle movements at the junction. The framework is demonstrated by processing video datasets captured by UAVs from three intersections around Europe – the trajectory data is provided by the DataFromSky. An imitation learning algorithm based on a long short-term memory neural network is proposed to learn and predict safe trajectories of vehicles. 🚗🚌 🚐 🚛 🚲 🛵 ✔️ Read the full paper at We can make your survey ultimate! Contact us at or upload your video to and try it yourself for free! hashtagai hashtagartificialintelligence hashtagdata hashtagdeeplearning hashtagdrone hashtaganalysis hashtagsurveys hashtaguav hashtagsmartcities
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PF 2020

The entire DataFromSky team would like to wish to all of our partners and customers 🎄 Merry Christmas and a successful and joyful ✨ New Year. Thank you for supporting us and being with us in 2019 and we wish you the best in the coming year.💙 hashtagchristmas hashtagnewyearsday hashtagpf2020 hashtagthankyou hashtagdatafromsky hashtagtraffic hashtagatrificialintelligence
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🎄 Christmas price gift! 🎄

DataFromSky is looking forward to Christmas and has prepared a special gift to make your Christmas time more enjoyable. Take advantage of our special offer and buy credits at the best price – 🎇 from € 2.9 / credit 🎇 when purchasing 100 credits. The offer is valid until the end of December so do not hesitate and give yourself a Christmas gift! 🎁

You can spend your credits and try new features of DFS Viewer that come with the latest release, such as follow-me mode with distance measuring and time-gaps video exports which are amazing! Surely you can first try it on your own at for free! 🚗 🚌 🚛 🚜 🚲 🛵

We wish you a wonderful Christmas time. 💙

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New version of DFS Viewer!

📣 DataFromSky released a new version of Viewer with an amazing set of traffic analytic and visualization functions. Especially a follow-me mode with distance measuring and time-gaps video exports are awesome! Look at the videos and try it for free at on your own! 🚗 🚌 🚛 🚲🛵

New release comes with a lot of updates, bug fixes, and other improvements including:

➡️ user georegistration – if you need speed, acceleration, and distance-based data

➡️ increase the precision of localization – up to 30 cm

➡️ improved visualization of time and distance gaps – new level of data understanding

➡️ video contrast and brightness adjustment – for perfect video presentation of your traffic survey

➡️ tags – give the object names you need

➡️ license plate support – complete framework for filtration, export, and visualization

➡️ traffic analytic features permissions – share your traffic data with your clients and select which analytical functions will be allowed for them (only for licensed versions)

➡️ automatic updates – never miss a new version of Viewer

Some of them would not have been possible without the help of the great DataFromSky community. Thank you all and don’t forget to share this post! 💙

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