DataFromSky was established at the beginning of 2014. To date, it has been successfully utilized in several projects related to traffic monitoring and has been improving constantly ever since. DataFromSky is developed by RCE systems s.r.o., a company with a long-term experience in computer vision, robotics, and embedded systems.

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RCE systems s.r.o.
Svatopluka Čecha 1d
Brno, 612 00
Czech Republic

IČ: 021 83 234
DIČ: CZ02183234


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Vimeo: datafromsky
Twitter: @DataFromSky
Google+: +DataFromSky
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Bank: Fio banka, a.s.
IBAN: CZ8620100000002000485510
Account no.: 2000485510 / 2010
ID: 021 83 234
Tax ID: 021 83 234
VAT reg: CZ02183234

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