Traffic flow

Traffic engineers and researchers alike need reliable and detailed numbers on all aspects of traffic flow. Traffic flow is composed of drivers associated with individual vehicles, each of them having their own trajectory. Trajectory analysis is recommended as a technique to calculate traffic flow characteristics consistent with those defined by the Highway Capacity Manual 2010. DataFromSky is capable of measuring the macroscopic traffic flow characteristic at any point or region you want by analysing all vehicle trajectories in that place. These macroscopic flow characteristics can be evaluated at any position in the image:

Occupancy – fraction of time the location was occupied by a vehicle,
Density or concentration – number of vehicles per kilometer/mile,
Flow – number of vehicles during a given time interval,
Mean speed – at a cross-section, or at a specific time.
Diagram of traffic flow
Density and flow diagram

DataFromSky approach makes it possible to get more advanced characteristics of traffic flow such as gap acceptance, critical gaps, capacity, and capacity estimations. It is also possible to utilize DataFomSky tool for estimation of dynamic properties of traffic flow.

DataFromSky approach for measuring traffic flow characteristics:

One type of sensor – able to determine flow and density,
Accuracy – all characteristics are measured with high accuracy and frequency,
Preserving the fundamental relationship among the flow and density.