Traffic counting

Traffic counting is one of the fundamental tools of transport analysis. DataFromSky can easily provide all the desired information – vehicle counts, flows, gap time, follow time and Origin-Destination matrix.

Counting vehicles on highway

Counting vehicles on highway is a basic task, which can be performed with just a few clicks. To count vehicles passing some virtual line, the line must be marked with a gate. The vehicles will be registered as they pass the gate, and generate events in tracking log. Each of the events identifies both the vehicle and the gate.

Apart from simple vehicle counting, gates provide information about flow and speeds.

Spatial distributions of vehicles – directional distribution, lane volume distribution – can be easily recorded by strategic placement of gates.

Intersection annotation example

Counting vehicles at intersections

Vehicle interactions at an intersection are an order of magnitude more complex than these on a straight highway segment. Counting vehicles at intersection is one of the typical tasks, with the intent of classifying direction of traffic. From the DataFromSky point of view, it is an extension of simple vehicle counting to a more complicated situation.

Any vehicle passes over gates are recorded, giving traffic count and flow values. Apart from that, you can designate any gate as neutral, entry or exit gate. The entry and exit gates for every vehicle are recorded, making it easy to retrieve turn counts and the Origin-Destination matrix. You can also filter the recorded traffic according to its path: Only vehicles passing through a specified gate sequence can be taken into account. When analyzing traffic at an intersection, the flexibility and capabilities of DataFromSky will certainly save your time!

Apart from the above mentioned, DataFromSky can generate flow, gap time and follow time values and more.

Counting vehicles at roundabout

Roundabouts increase safety and steady the traffic flow by simplifying decision making at entry points and slowing down the vehicles. They are an important and increasingly common feature of road network. Some of the benefits of a roundabout can be modelled and analyzed easily by traditional methods, some not. DataFromSky can help you in most of the aspects.

Counting vehicles at a roundabout and analyzing their interactions is another of the typical tasks for which DataFromSky has been designed. Logically, it is a straightforward extension of vehicle counting at an intersection to a slightly more complicated situation.

Origin-Destination matrix

Origin-Destination matrix is a comprehensive high-level information about the traffic. Using this information, it is easy to classify traffic flow, vehicle movement such as turns at crossroads, etc.

Entry gate Exit gate Movement Vehicles Traffic part
13 15 right turn 9 7.7%
14 22 left turn 15 12.8%
17 19 left turn 2 1.7%
18 22 through 41 35.0%
20 19 right turn 9 7.7%
21 16 through 41 35.0%
You can take a look at the tracking video from which this data was generated, either on Vimeo or Youtube.
Origin-Destination Matrix (DataFromSky)
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