Speed and acceleration

DataFromSky lets you extract detailed speed and acceleration records for all vehicles tracked in the video and work with the data. There are several key benefits:

Comprehensive data

The data is available for the duration of vehicle tracking. As the vehicles are tracked during their passage through the whole watched area, nothing need be left to assumptions or calculations. All of the data is simply available.

More accurate data with higher frequency

Frequency of the data (time resolution) is identical to video sampling speed and therefore very high, compared to other methods. Spatial resolution depends on camera used.

Low logistical problems

Fly the drone with a camera – and nothing more! The DataFromSky method for measuring speed and acceleration data is vastly superior to others. The precision, amount and coverage provided could be paralleled only by collection of such data from individual vehicles, requiring mounting additional sensor suite to each participating vehicle.

Unobtrusive observation for natural behaviour

The observation happens from an aerial platform above the highway. The small size and flight height above vision range make the UAV close to invisible to drivers. Thus, the observed behaviour is not affected in any way.

Speed and acceleration (DataFromSky)

From the complete data, DataFromSky can calculate aggregate values such as average speed, travel time etc. Combined with the options to filter traffic by entry and exit gates, valuable insights can be gained easily.

For the reasons mentioned, DataFromSky is ideal for both standard and advanced or innovative approaches to traffic analysis.

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