Race car data

DataFomSky can be converted to an advanced telemetry system that allows you to view your race car’s data and data of your competitors such as speed, acceleration, lap-times, and trajectories. All data is extracted from aerial video with great accuracy and high frequency (up to 60 Hz) without need of any external device. Thanks to DataFromSky software, you can analyze your driving style in detail and compare it with others at any moment you want. Replay your driving as many times as needed and reveal your mistakes and mistakes of your opponents, detect dangerous situations, and improve your driving style using advanced multi-target measurement telemetry system!

Advanced analysis – study your driving at any moment you want,
Lap-times, speed, acceleration, trajectory data, inclination,
Easily interpretable data thanks to visual information,
High sampling frequency and no cumulative error,
Get data no matter the type of vehicle – universal,
Multiple-target acquisition system – one sensor.

Deploy DataFromSky to enhance your driving skills! Each driver adopts a unique style. Trying different techniques is important, but most important is understanding what works, and what does not. Analyze every moment of your drive – find the parts where being more aggressive gives an advantage, where to brake later and harder, or softer and earlier. Find your strengths and your weaknesses thanks to detailed inspection of every situation during the race thanks to DataFromSky tools.

No matter the type of vehicle – DataFromSky will keep you with trajectories. You can measure the speed, acceleration, distances, lap-times, intermediate time, etc. DataFromSky is a completely new way of monitoring performance of racing drivers and their machines.

DataFromSky is able to cover huge areas to get complex data. In principle, it is an absolute multi-target localization system; therefore, the data which it produces is not affected by cumulative errors and is very precise with high sampling frequency. All driving parameters are easily interpretable due to natural connection with visual information.