Environmental awareness is an increasingly important aspect of life in all industries. Traffic is not an exception: Emissions from road vehicles are a very important contribution to air pollution, especially in big cities. Road network and the traffic on it acquires a different, more reaching aspect, impacting not just life of drivers, but that of inhabitants, too.

DataFromSky can help with emissions
DataFromSky can help with emissions

A large amount of data is needed to correctly assess pollution coming from tailpipes. Luckily, DataFromSky can help you in this area, too. Instead of modelling traffic, simply use DataFromSky to get information about actual vehicle types, speed and acceleration profiles. Matching these with information about pollutant production rates of engines under various loads provides all the information you need. The unique feature of DataFromSky – ability to look in detail at contributions of various vehicle types or lanes – readily transfers to this domain. Evaluation of lane schemes or signalling becomes easy.

You can either trust simulations – or use DataFromSky to look at real traffic and find out how green and efficient your roads really are.

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