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COWI demonstrates the possibilities of DataFromSky

COWI, an exclusive partner in Denmark and other Nordic countries, nicely demonstrates the possibilities of DataFromSky solution in a new video. In this video, you can see some basic outputs from DataFromSky Viewer such as speed & acceleration data, heatmaps, vehicle types etc. We have an endless list of functions that can be added or improved, so expect more to come!

All commercial use of DataFromSky in the Nordic countries is handled by COWI, and key personnel can be contacted directly:

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Video from center of Charlottenlund, Denmark

Another video from Denmark analyzed, this time from a 4-way junction in the center of Charlottenlund and processed as a demo for WeFly. In slightly over 3:45, almost 140 vehicles pass, at an average speed of 10 kph. The traffic flow appears to be 2163 vehicles/hour.

There is a public school nearby, so there are a lot of student pedestrians in addition to cars.

The footage was taken on 20.11.2015 from the altitude of 57 meters. The camera used was GoPro 4 on a gimbal, recording in full HD at 50 FPS.



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Send us your videos!

As a reminder – we are ready to process short (ca. 5 minutes) video clips as a demonstration of our service. For this we need:

  1. the video, shot from above or close to such,

  2. GPS locations of prominent features in view,

  3. information about the camera and lenses used.

For more information about recording video usable with DataFromSky, please read the document “Recording video for DataFromSky”.

We will give you the results of analysis, which can be viewed in the freely downloadable version of viewer / trajectory analyzer. We are looking forward to showing you what DataFromSky can do!

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